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Cedar Care

Cedar roofs and shingle siding are beautiful and valuable additions that give your home that Cap Cod look. Cedar roofs and siding that aren't protected dry out, split and rot from prolonged exposure to our harsh New England climate. White cedar shingle are thinner than red cedar and are more prone to dry out split and warp as the natural cedar protective qualities fade over time. The grey on these shingles is from the effects of solar damage,weather, salt and surface rot.

We clean cedar roofs and siding using our low pressure method. Then we can apply a clear sealer which not only water proofs but allows wood to grey naturally while blocking the effects of solar radiation and mold. Sealer is also available in transparent colors. We use Seal Once sealer which has an outstanding long service life (ten plus years).

Red cedar has its own unique qualities. Usually thicker they tend to last longer. However, if untreated it can be dry out, warp and split. Red cedar also gets dark, almost black tones (streaks) on its surface. This is from the woods natural tannin that rises to the surface and darkens from the effects of the sun and weather. It can be  painted with a solid stain, provided the stain has a tannin block in its formula. Each house is different and would have to be evaluated to see if it is a candidate for staining. Red cedar shingles can also be cleaned and and have a clear water proofing applied. This will protect from weather and solar damage, but will allow its natural color to show. Please contact us for a free estimate.

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